Programme: Master of Automotive Engineering

Master Degree (2 years)

Tuition Fee (per one academic year)

Master Degree of Automotive Engineering
       First year for non-EU students: EUR 7 000
       Second year for non-EU students: EUR 5 000

       First year for EU students: EUR 2 000
       Second year for EU students: EUR 2 000*
      The tuition fee for study at TU Chemnitz: none**

The tuition fee for EU students can slightly differ from one partner university to another one. 
** No tuition fees will be demanded for the year of study at TU Chemnitz. For study combinations with TU Chemnitz only the tuition fees for the other study year will have to be paid. However, each student at TU Chemnitz will have to pay the Semester Contribution for each semester (around €250). It comprises a contribution to the Student Council, free public transport within Chemnitz and some regional trains within Saxony, as well as a contribution to the Student Union Chemnitz-Zwickau to draw on its services including cafeterias and canteens as well as social, cultural and sports activities.

Application Period: 01. 01. 2021 - 01. 05. 2021 as follows:

Czech and Slovak students willing to study at CTU in Prague - deadline 31. 03. 2021

Non EU students - deadline 01. 05. 2021

EU students - deadline 01. 05. 2021


Form of Study - Full Time



The first year is taught in English on CTU in Prague (Czech Republic)  with participation of lecturers from partner universities (ENSTA Bretagne and HAN).

Entrance Exams

  • NONE

Entrance Requirements

  • Statement of purpose (1 page maximally)
  • CV
  • Filled self assessment table
  • Officially verified copy of transcript of records and your diplomas
  • English language certificate
  • Two reference letters of referees knowing your work
  • Application form for Certificate of recognition by CTU in Prague
  • Copy of passport
  • All required documents needed for the actual admission process can be found at

  • Admission fee 850,- CZK (approx. 32€)

Level of English

  • TOEFL iBT 79 / TOEFL CBT 213 / TOEFL 550 or, 
  • TOIC 750, IELTS 6.0


  • Yes. See details at the programme website.

Study Advisor

Our study advisor is available to answer your questions

Skype: @studyatCTU
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Instagram: @studyatctu
Twitter: @studyatctu

Contact the faculty for consultation and assistance

Dr. Gabriela Achtenová

For specific information about requirements visit the programme website.

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