Programme: Mechanical Engineering

Doctoral Degree (4 years)

Tuition Fee (per one academic year)

Bachelor Degree
CZK 110 000 (approx. EUR 4 300, USD 4 800)
Master Degree
CZK 132 000 (approx. EUR 5 100, USD 5 800)
Doctoral Degree
CZK 1 000 (approx. EUR 38, USD 45)



Deadline for Application

Annually there are two rounds of applications with deadlines at the end of April and at the end of October – self-financing applicants can apply for enrolment and start their studies in an individual time.


Form of Study


Fields of Study

  • Materials engineering
  • Machines and Equipment for Transportation
  • Power Engineering
  • Design and Process Engineering
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Biomechanics
  • Control and Systems Engineering
  • Mechanics of Solids, Deformable Bodies and Continua
  • Thermomechanics and Fluid Mechanics
  • Mathematical and Physical Engineering
  • Enterprise Management and Economics

Entrance Exam

On the basis of the application the competent branch board will organize the entrance examination.

Entrance Requirements

See here: Application. Admission fee 850,- CZK (approx. 32€).

Study Advisor

Our study advisor is available to answer your questions

Skype: @studyatCTU
FB: @studyatctu
Instagram: @studyatctu
Twitter: @studyatctu

The contact person for the need to provide consultation and assistance is

Mrs. Sylva Ondrejičková, Th.D.

For specific information about requirements visit the Faculty website.

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