Faculty Coordinators

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Contact the faculty coordinators:

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor and Master Degree:
Martina Oravcová
E-mail: martina.oravcova@fs.cvut.cz

MAE Programme – Gabriela Achtenová
E-mail: gabriela.achtenova@fs.cvut.cz

Doctoral Degree – Sylva Ondřejíčková
E-mail: sylva.ondrejickova@fs.cvut.cz

Faculty of Nuclear Sciences & Physical Eng.
Bachelor Degree – Klára Soukupová
E-mail: klara.soukupova@fjfi.cvut.cz

Master/Doctoral Degree – Monika Zábranská
E-mail: monika.zabranska@fjfi.cvut.cz

Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Bachelor/Master Degree
E-mail: study@fel.cvut.cz

Doctoral Degree
Renata Kroutilikova
E-mail: kroutili@fel.cvut.cz
Marie Duchoslavova
E-mail: duchosla@fel.cvut.cz

Faculty of Architecture
All Students – Kristýna Lindovská
Room 147 (Mon. or Wed. 9-11 am)
E-mail: lindokri@fa.cvut.cz

MIAS School of Business
Bachelor Degree 
E-mail: muvs-international@cvut.cz

Master Degree 
E-mail: muvs-international@cvut.cz

Faculty of Civil Engineering
All Students – Jitka Řeháčková
E-mail: study@fsv.cvut.cz 
Room A-131

Faculty of Transportation Sciences
Bachelor and Master Degree – Eva Vicenová
E-mail: viceneva@fd.cvut.cz 

Doctoral Degree – Jana Katarína Knapová
E-mail: Jana.Katarina.Knapova@cvut.cz

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering
All Students – Lucie Kulhánková
E-mail: kulhankova@fbmi.cvut.cz
Room B-431, nám. Sítná, Kladno

Doctoral Degree – Dana Jiravová
E-mail: dana.jiravova@fbmi.cvut.cz
Room B-626, nám. Sítná, Kladno

Faculty of Infomation Technology
Bachelor and Master Degree: Ludmila Facer
Room 312b (Architecture building)
E-mail: ludmila.facer@fit.cvut.cz

Doctoral Degree: Lenka Fryčová
E-mail: research@fit.cvut.cz 

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