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Are you considering to find a job in the Czech Republic while or after your studies at CTU? This information may be useful for you. Remember, if you want to work in the Czech Republic legally, you have to assure certain administration process. The administration depends on where are you coming from, and if you are a full-time student or an absolvent.

EU/EEA citizens
A citizen of the EU/EEA and Switzerland or his or her family member does not need an employment permit to be employed in the territory of the Czech Republic. If an EU citizen wishes to remain in the Czech Republic for more than 3 months (e.g. for reasons of employment, business, study) he/she will be authorised to apply for “residence qualification for a citizen of a member state of the European Community". This is your right, not an obligation, but having the residence permit in your possession will make your life in the Czech Republic much easier. The only thing you have to do is notify your presence in the country at your local Foreign Police office.
Detailed information here.

3rd country citizens
If you are a citizen from 3rd country and you want to work while study, its possible, but as you are in Czech republic with a visa for studies, the work can´t be the primary occupation during your stay. You are here for purpose of studies. For students on present form of studies on schools that are registered in Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (as is an example of CTU), there is only a registration in the Employment services needed. This registration is made by the employer no later than the first day of the beginning of your work. More detailed information here .

If you are a 3rd country citizen and you have already finished your studies, and you want to stay in Czech republic to work, you have to ask for change the purpose of your stay. In case a holder of long-term residence for the purpose of studies wants to change the purpose for e.g. employment, he/she must apply for a new long-term residence permit (not for an extension), which must be filed personally (and not send by post) at the Department for Asylum and Migration Policy office.

A work permit, blue card or green card are issued for a specific job with a specific employer. In terms of employment arrangements, they are equivalent to each other. Each of these permits may be granted under specific circumstances. See more here .

Need help? You can contact organisations such as ICPraha or SIMI , who provide social and legal advice free of charge.

Where to find a job if you don´t speak Czech?There exist some portals, where you can find job offers and vacancies in the Czech Republic for foreigners.
Employment Offices in the Czech Republic database
Or consult the actual offers published at CTU Carrer Centre web page.

You can also register your CV at the main page of job seekers in the Czech Republic and publish your profile to your prospective employer.

If you need help redacting your CV, you can have a look at the page of Europass, the common standard CV format. You can also redact it on-line step by step with help of the editor .

Day-to-day at work in the Czech Republic. Be prepared, that in main companies, even when the official work language is English, Czech language knowledge for basic communication with your colleagues is a must. There exist some free opened class courses of Czech language , in Prague, also at CTU.

There are some differences in behaviour at a workplace and in communication with colleagues or superiors. Have a look at this interesting article about work practices in Czech republic here .

Current Job Offers

You can find the current job offers here

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