Tamás, Hungary

CTU STUDENT 2012-2013


Sustainable Constructions under Natural Hazards and Catastrophic Events (SUSCOS)


I have always held the view that the best way to become a professional in my field is by broadening my horizons. To grow as a person, one should embark on new experiences and be exposed to different ideas and attitudes, and also face them open-mindedly.

When I was coming to the end of my bachelor studies, I thought about studying abroad and I applied to several universities in Europe, namely DTU (Denmark Technical University), Aarhus University, the Technical University of Budapest, and last but not least the SUSCOS Erasmus Mundus Master Degree program.

The key factors that motivated me to apply for this Master Degree program were the excellent reputation of the consortium of international universities that offers this advanced master degree program in Sustainable Steel Constructions, and the recommendations that I received from professors at my university.

This master program provides a high level education in designing steel and composite structures, in a balanced approach between economic, environmental and social considerations, using the sustainability and competitiveness of the steel industry.

It is a three-semester program, held on a rotating basis among the partners. The coursework is concentrated in two countries, and the dissertation work is divided between all partners.

Participating in a master program of this kind has a life-changing impact.

I spent the first semester in Coimbra, Portugal and the second in Prague, Czech Republic. I have had the opportunity to meet interesting people, to taste different cultures and to get in touch with various university systems.

The coordinating staff at CTU was extremely helpful with the paperwork and with every problem we had, and the buddy program organized by the International Student Club is just wonderful.

So far I can tell you that the Czech Republic and especially Prague have offered me way more than I had expected. No matter if we are talking about the past or the future, this city always has something new for me. Prague is not just for tourists, and if you will have the opportunity to taste life in the ”golden city”, to try the various beer pubs or just walk around and enjoy the endless beauty of the old town, I’m certain you will enjoy living here.

Do you dream big enough?

I am convinced that being part of this Master Course will provide me exactly the experience needed to consolidate my skills, improve my abilities and enrich my essential professional knowledge, and also a unique connection to a distinct country, culture and way of being.

I recommend everybody to ask himself or herself “Do I dream big enough?”If the answer is no, it’s the time to move forward and try new things. See you soon in Prague.

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