Miguel, Portugal

CTU STUDENT 2011-2015

PhD programme at the Center for Machine Perception

The current job offers for MSc and BSc graduates are often unchallenging. A PhD programme will always present itself as an academic challenge that is personally rewarding. Searching through the different research groups at CTU and their websites, it was easy to find plenty of interesting opportunities for my PhD studies. 

You will not often find a demanding and up-to-date group like the team at the Center for Machine Perception, where I’m currently working. The group organizes semester colloquiums and also various seminars, where researchers from different backgrounds and countries discuss new ideas and findings. The key factor for joining CTU for me was the challenge that was set by the project I’m involved in. Furthermore, we have close cooperation with many top research groups in our field, such as EPFL in Switzerland, the University of Surrey and Reading University in England, the INRIA Institute in France, and many others. This allows us to get new ideas, get different feedback about our work, and even to visit these institutions as a guest researcher.

Good prospects for the future

It is also very easy to fall in love with Prague and its lifestyle. From the everyday crowded pubs and entertainment to the beautiful parks and landscapes, there is something for everyone to let Prague be their new home. The International Student Club of the CTU allows fast integration for everyone into Prague’s social life, providing plenty of cultural events and parties. Most of all, since the Czech Republic is the beer capital of the world, it is easy to find a good mood and fun.

Czech people are not the easiest people to talk with for the first time, when you’re an outsider. They will most likely be afraid to try out their English, but deep down they’re just like all other people, as I soon found out – they rarely refuse to meet up for a few beers after a day’s work. Making friends and finding social activities even if you can’t get along with your direct colleagues has become quite easy when you rely on social networks. With not a lot of effort, I quickly even found a group of people from my native country living in Prague, so we can kill some nostalgia of speaking our own language and meet up for a few beers. And since this is a big city and the capital of a European country, it will be very hard for you not to find people from your own country, if you feel like it. Furthermore, there is quite a big international community living in Prague. It is not uncommon to hear foreign languages when you’re walking down the street, and you will quickly get to know many foreigners, through CTU, Czech language courses, or some social events.

Studying at CTU in Prague allows me to considerably upgrade my education and also gives me good prospects for the future, since there are many exciting startups in the city. In addition several multinational corporations have an Eastern or Central European headquarters in Prague.

The geographical location of the city allows me to visit truly amazing sites in no time, both in the Czech Republic and in the neighboring countries. The Czech Republic itself has a lot of must-see UNESCO heritage sites, from the amazing little town of Český Krumlov to the beautiful landscapes and palaces of Moravia. I still have a lot I want to visit and I’m certain that theseyears at CTU will be memorable.

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