Julia, Ukraine

TU STUDENT 2012-2014

ERASMUS MUNDUS MASTER PROGRAMME in Computer Systems and Networks

Study abroad and enjoy.

In winter semester 2011/2012 I did an exchange semester in Regensburg in Germany. It was a great experience for me to live and study abroad. I wanted to repeat it and to survive it again: it was very interesting to study in German language at a new university for me, to meet a lot of amazing people from different countries, to participate in a lot of activities and to learn other cultures. But the semester and my studies passed very quickly. I had to go back home to Ukraine, to my native city, Odessa, to finish the last Bachelor’s semester at my home university and get a degree.

A couple of days after my return to my home university I was informed about a new international exchange programme called EWENT (East-West European Network on higher Technical education) Erasmus Mundus, which my university participated in. This programme provided scholarships for students to study in one of the best technical universities in Europe for 1 or 2 semesters or for a full master programme. The student could choose between 7 technical universities located in Dublin, Nantes, Bilbao, Warsaw, Trento, Budapest and Prague (CTU). After my previous experience, I decided that it could be a great opportunity for me to study abroad again in one of the best technical universities, but this time for a full master programme.

I began to read about the proposed universities and to check all the master’s programmes offered by these universities. After my searches the choice was completely clear – I would like to study just at the Czech Technical University in Prague. This university offered a big choice of various master’s programmes and I was especially interested in one of them – Computer Systems and Networks. Another important thing for me – the studies were in English language during the whole master programme. Of course I also read some comments and checked the rating of the university. That also influenced on my opinion.

Moreover, Prague is a very beautiful city. I’d been there a couple of years earlier, and enjoyed it so much. I thought it would be perfect to enjoy not just my studies but also the place where I would live. So the choice of university was made and I sent all the required documents to participate in the EWENT programme. In May 2012 I was informed that I was awarded a scholarship to study a master programme at CTU in Prague.

Time has gone quite fast. I’m finishing the second semester of my master programme in Computer Systems and Networks at the Faculty of Information Technology. 


I’m happy that I participated in the programme and chose to study at CTU in Prague and got this opportunity. I enjoy a lot of things here: the courses that I study, and even the building where I have the lessons, all the events that are organized by the university and the International Student Club, like presentations of countries, international kitchen, excursions and so on, the people that are around me, and of course the beautiful city of Prague.

I began to study Czech language. It seems pretty simple for a Slavic speaker like me, and sometimes funny because we have some words in Ukrainian language that are the same in pronunciation but exactly opposite in the meaning, so Slavic people have to be careful when speaking Czech.

Studying at CTU is quite prestigious, and opens perspectives for our future career.

It is amazing to live in Prague, with all the beauty of the city, festivals, concerts etc. And what else could any student need?

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