Ji Hoo, South Korea

CTU STUDENT 2010-2013

Bachelor programme at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

My decision to study at the Czech Technical University was made after a thorough review of the choices I had after I graduated from my high school in India. I had been studying away from my homeland, South Korea, in Malaysia and India and I wanted to study somewhere else outside Asia. My choice of the university did not depend on the location of the university as much as the university itself and which faculty I was going to study in. Through the Internet, I got to know the educational system offered by CTU in English and its good reputation with its ranking in comparison to other universities. Also, the payment for each year was acceptable especially for the quality of the teaching here in CTU.

Life in Prague as a CTU student

When I made my decision to come to CTU for my Bachelor, I decided to come to Prague two months before the university actually started. This ended up helping me a lot. Studying in Prague with a low-intermediate level of Czech can be very tough when one has to deal with paperwork. However, usually its just fine. The public transportation is very systematic and user-friendly.

They offer a very cheap price for the students and CTU helps their students to make sure they get the benefits. This helped me a lot when I have to travel from Karlovo Namesti (Charle’s Square) to Dejvicka. Otherwise, I would have to pay a considerable amount in order to attend classes everyday. 

For those who worry about the stay in Prague while studying CTU, CTU offers a choice of dormitories in Dejvice, Bubenec and Strahov. Before the 1st semester started I booked a room in dormitory named ‘Masarykova Kolej’ online for one whole academic year. The dormitory was 5minutes from my faculty and the university library, serves 3 meals a day on week-days, has the International Student Club office for the foreign students if they want any help. And plus, they have bars, a recreation room equipped with billiards, and a gym which is available for any student staying in the dormitory for free. For those who like to feel the taste of central Europe and to study technology along with the other international students and to share unique experiences, I recommend CTU.

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