Igor, Serbia

CTU STUDENT 2013-2015

Master programme in Architecture and Urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture

I learned about CTU via internet and via studyatctu.com website, but I got some of the best hints about life at CTU through some videos on youtube.
I loved how everything was organized for Master students that study in English, and especially the fact that the administrative staff was always very helpful and full of understanding when I was gathering information.

My experience in 3 words? Working, Fun, Exciting.

I think I made a perfect choice to come here. Since I come from a similar country with similar customs and a more or less similar mentality of the people, it's almost like home :)
Prague is a city where exploring is a never-ending process. There are always new things to discover. I find it very unique. 
I'm currently not employed but I think I will start to look for some job opportunities soon. 
I would definitely recommend studying at CTU if not as Master student then at least as an Erasmus student. CTU is always a good choice.  
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