Gonçalo, Portugal

CTU STUDENT 2012-2013


Sustainable Constructions under Natural Hazards and Catastrophic Events (SUSCOS)


During a past trip through Europe, I visited Prague and I completely imagined myself living here. From then on, I really wanted to experience life in Prague. I found the possibility of studying in CTU when I applied for the Erasmus Program, two years ago. There was an Erasmus agreement between my university (University of Coimbra, Portugal) and CTU, so I took the chance and I came to Prague. I had already studied at CTU as an Erasmus student and now I am back in this amazing city as an Erasmus Mundus student.

Experienced staff and great system for exchange programs

It is the second time I am studying at CTU as an exchange student, and the decisive factor for choosing CTU is the great system for dealing with exchange programs. This university has the capacity to accept hundreds of foreign students. There is an experienced and functional staff behind the exchange programs, and that makes everything so easy. Here, an exchange student never feels worried. Everything is clear. In that way, we can fully concentrate on our studies and on the cultural experience. CTU also has great facilities and a huge numbers of courses taught in English. It is a perfect destination for exchange students.

So far I have a really good impression about the Czech Republic. I’ve learned how to enjoy the winter, the culture and the Czech life style. In my point of view, Prague is a really complete city. There is a great balance between history, culture and quality of life. 

I think every foreigner from any culture will appreciate Prague.

I would recommend studying at CTU to all other students. This is the second time I am studying in Prague as an exchange student, and that explains everything. 

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