Alejandra, U.S.A.

CTU STUDENT 2011-2012

Master's dual-degree program in Transport and Logistic Systems.

Studying in the Czech Republic has been a very enriching experience. The Atlantis program at CTU provides a once in a lifetime opportunity definitely worth taking.  Not only did I earn two master’s degrees in one program, but I also got to experience life abroad.  The professors and staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  The classes offered are very interesting and have significantly broadened my knowledge in the transportation and logistics field.  This academic experience has exposed me to technologies utilized in Europe which can be very beneficial if applied in the U.S.  

Doors open to many opportunities

Not only has this experience broadened my knowledge, but it has also given me a different perspective in life.  Having the opportunity to meet people from all over the world has taught me about different cultures and points of view.  It has also taught me about my own culture and my own strengths, weaknesses and capabilities.  Overall, I think it has made me a more open, tolerant and confident person.

Furthermore, I really enjoyed my stay in Prague.  There is always something to do in this beautiful city.  Either if you are an athletic person looking for something to do outdoors, a person that prefers the nightlife, or a person that prefers music and history, you will find what you are looking for in Prague.  

The rich history and culture of the Czech Republic is very interesting and definitely worth experiencing.  

Overall, I am more than satisfied with the experience in the Czech Republic.  I know it will definitely impact my life in a positive way and open the door to many opportunities. I highly recommend for students to enroll in the Atlantis program and study at CTU.  It has personally been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. 

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