Study System

Degree System

The university education system at CTU and generally in the Czech Republic is divided into 3 stages:

Bachelor degree (3 or 4 years)
Master degree (2 years)
Doctoral degree (up to 4years)

The degrees awarded are bachelor, master and PhD. The master degree title for Czech graduates is the traditional „Ing.“ or „Ing. Arch.“ title. this is fully equivalent to a master degree, and is clearly identified and referred to as master degree in all documentation for international students.

Credit System

CTU uses the ECTS credit system, like most of the universities in the Europe. This system facilitates the transfer of credits between universities, and also recognition of study programmes completed in other institutions and in other countries. For a 3-year bachelor programme, students must accumulate 180 credits, and for a two-year master programme, students must accumulate 120 credits. Before graduating, students must also pass the state examination. For a doctoral programme, students are required to take a small number of accredited courses, but the main requirement is the doctoral dissertation. To pass the semester, students must accumulate at least 15 or 20 credits. To pass into the next year of the study programme, it is necessary to accumulate 40 credits.

Lectures vs seminars

There are two types of classes at CTU. One type is lectures, and the other is seminars. What are the differences? Lectures are delivered to larger classes, are more theoretical, and attendance is not obligatory. Seminars are delivered to fewer students (groups of up to 25/30 students, normally fewer for courses taught in English). They are less theoretically oriented and there are more practical exercises. Attendance is required. Most courses consist of a weekly lecture and a weekly seminar.


The semester lasts 14 weeks, including one week of semester tests and finalization (submission of semester projects, etc.). This is followed by a 6-week examination period. See more under “academic calendar”. Classes are 90 minutes in length, and start at 7:30 a.m. or at 8 a.m. (depending on the faculty). Between the classes are 15-minutes breaks. The last class in the evening starts at 5:45 p.m. or 6:15 p.m.


For most courses you will be asked to deliver some seminar project or write a test during the semester. At the end of each semester you have to pass a test or some other examination (in some cases, the requirement is only to submit the seminar work). If your seminar work is “approved”, you can go to the exam. Your grade is in most cases based entirely, or mainly, on the final examination. In the course of the examination period you can try an examination two times or even more times under specific conditions.

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