CTU dormitories

Approximately 8,000 local and international students are accommodated each year in the CTU dormitories. Rule number one is that each new student shall be offered a place/bed. The accommodation is mainly in shared rooms, and it is not possible to apply for separate single room at the beginning of the year. In response to many requests for single accommodation, we have tried to find a solution. If you wish to live on your own and there is no single room available, there is an option of getting a double room in a university dormitory for 1½ times the price for a bed in a double room.


  • MIN 56 CZK/ 2.1 EUR/ 2.2 USD
  • MAX 137 CZK/5.1 E­UR/5.5 USD
  • See a pricelist

    (prices in CZK per bed per night)

For booking use this

Official site of Service Facilities Administration of the Czech Technical University in Prague


Private accommodation

You may be thinking about moving into an apartment with your friends. And you have good reasons to do so. In most cases you will have your own bathroom, kitchen, washing machine, unlimited internet connection, probably more space as well, and it's not necessarily a more expensive deal than staying in one of the university dormitories.

While searching the net for an apartment you will encounter a sort of classification that might look confusing at first sight. It will look something like 3+kk, 2+1, and so on. To avoid these random looking combinations of numbers and letters comlicating your search, we decipher these „apartment codes“ below.

Garsoniera/ Garsonka – A one-room, flat with a space that includes a small kitchenette and will serve as both a living room and a bedroom. Another common name for this type of flats is a studio apartment. A flat with one room and a separated kitchen will be: 1+1. A flat with two rooms, where one of the rooms includes a small kitchenete will be 2+kk.

Below are a few examples of monthly rental prices for average apartments in Prague, including the cost of utilities.

Garsoniera CZK 8000 – 10000
1+1 CZK 9000 – 12000
2+1 CZK 12000 – 15000
3+1 CZK 15000 – 20000

Off course, have in mind that prices will generally depend on two considerations: size and location. So, the larger the apartment and the closer to the city center it is, the more expensive it is likely to be.

While searching for a flat, you should note whether the cost of utilities (electricity, gas, water, internet) is included in the price. The rent and the utilities are usually indicated separately, and, in most cases, the owner of the property requires an extra deposit fee. This is normally equivalent to one month of rent for the flat, without the utilities. It is very important to keep this in mind when calculating the costs of renting a flat. The cost of utilities may vary according to the size of the flat, but it usually is around CZK 2500 – 3000 per month.


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